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Best Weight Loss Program for Women Over 50

Best Weight Loss Program for Women Over 50

Which weight loss program is the best is more often than not a question better posed if rephrased: Which weight loss program is best for you? This is a better question, because the truth is, there’s no such thing as a diet that will work best for everyone. One approach will work well for some, and another, better for others. There are some general principles that apply to the best weight loss program for women over 50, however, that have specifically to do with the health of older women. Let’s take a look.

Bone Health
Most weight loss programs that are effective require you to stay away from milk and the tastier cuts of red meat. This has the effect of keeping you away from sugars and fats that can make you heavier, but it also deprives you of good sources of iron, protein, and calcium. Because of this, it’s important for women over 50 to add lots of fish and dark greens (kale, spinach, etc.) to make up for the decrease in calcium and iron that results from lowered ingestion of meat. This will promote good bone health, which is frequently a problem for older women.

In general, women over 50 can deal with fewer carbohydrates than younger women can, due to fewer metabolic demands in certain respects. However, being older also increases sensitivity to blood sugar fluctuations, meaning that some women will be less tolerant to diets that force them to adhere to certain carbohydrate counts. Low carb diets for some older women are easy, but for others, they’re just draining. Conversely, some women can’t handle having high-carb days (their stomachs don’t take it well), but are fine on low-carb ones. The point is, for women over 50, the right amount of carbs is something that must be determined via experimentation and experience rather than general guidelines.

Women over 50 probably have lower protein requirements than women at 30, but the general rule of “you’re not eating enough protein” still holds in most cases. Eating more protein is especially important for older women who are still exercising, as it helps them recover more quickly and more completely than they would if they didn’t have high protein diets. Try to eat a serving with every meal to make sure you’re getting what you need to function properly and recover quickly while losing weight.

Caloric Deficit
When losing weight, it’s important to induce a caloric deficit. That is, you must take in less energy than you expend. This is pretty easy to do, in principle: Eat less. In practice, however, many women over 50 don’t tolerate sudden reductions in caloric intake that well. This makes things a little more complicated, but not impossible. In this case, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet, and not try to fight nature and reduce calories anyway. Here, the deficit should come from increased exercise, NOT dietary changes. Six Pack Shortcut does a great job of providing older women with a diet that is well-balanced in all the ways it needs to be.

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