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Six Pack Shortcuts
By: Mike Chang

Six Pack Shortcuts Review – Price: $97

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Good: Zero willpower eating system, Advanced fitness coaching
Bad: Some of the workouts are seems to long
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Six Pack Shortcuts WebsiteSix Pack Shortcuts is a training programme developed by Mike Chang, designed specifically to get the most out of the Afterburn Effect from your workouts. According to him, there are four phases involved in this program: Phase 1- In this phase, you will learn how to increase your metabolism through the high intensity training techniques Mike Changpresented by the creator. Phase 2 – It focuses on how to burn the abdominal fats through intense workout and proven diet plan. Phase 3 – You will learn the necessary exercises that focus mainly on getting six pack abs Phase 4- It involves performing additional exercises that can help you should additional fats and maintain ripped abs. This is the most important phase because many people failed to maintain their flattened abs.
After going through the insight of this program we have found the following facts which we would like to present before you as pros and cons.


  • Mike Chang provides users with the followings:

– 21 Full-length Afterburn Training Workouts.

– Quick demonstrations of how to perform each exercise for maximum results.

– Personal Fitness Advice:

In these entertaining (but information packed) videos, Mike coaches you to achieve success and he shares his best advice to get in shape. He will give you the techniques and strategies that worked best for him to transform his body, and which have gotten great results for many of his clients as well. He also teaches you about the “mental” side of getting abs – how to ensure you stay motivated, consistent with your workouts and eating, and focused on your goals.

– Entertaining, Action-Packed, Easy-to-watch Videos:
No boring e-books to slog through – just push the play button anytime you want to train!

– Instant Access and DVD Set:
You’ll receive the full Six Pack Shortcuts system on four beautifully packaged DVDs. That means you can watch your training videos in crystal clear high definition on your TV, anytime you want.

– Printable Workout Log
You get permanent lifetime access to Six Pack Shortcuts through our members’ site AND the full program shipped to you on four DVDs when you claim your spot today.

– Instant Access To Member Site
You’ll also get instant access to all of your training videos through the Six Pack Shortcuts members’ site as soon as you sign up. You’ll be able to stream or download all of your videos in MINUTES, and you won’t have to wait for your DVDs to arrive to start training.

– Permanent Life Time Access
You get permanent lifetime access to Six Pack Shortcuts when you claim your spot today.

– Exclusive bonuses:
1. Zero Willpower Eating System
2. Advanced Fitness Coaching

  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Personal Email Coaching
  • 60 days money back guarantee.

Six Pack Shortcuts Products

  • Cons:
    • Additional equipment will be needed (i.e. Dumb bells, Pull-up station)
    • Some of the workouts seems to long
    • You may need a gym membership to complete the workout in phase 3
    • If you’re the kind of person who likes to see actual books and DVDs for your money then you’re not going to like this. This is truly a virtual program.

    Finally we would like to say that, you know having six pack abs is a very difficult task for any individual whether they already have a flat tummy and even more for those who have flabby love handles, as stated in Six Pack Shortcuts. It is very hard to target this specific muscle group and simple cardio workouts would not help the situation. Simple workouts would not work in order to build abs as there are right moves and set of exercises to build this muscle group. Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts is one of the famous products released in the market to make the process of building abs easier but to achieve this you have to give your 100%, no doubt about that. As he is offering a money back guarantee so you may just check this out once.

    Six Pack Shortcuts Website

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Six Pack Shortcuts Review - Price: $97, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
Dr. Lincoln

I am Dr. Lincoln. I hold MPH, MBBS. I have been working as a family physician for the last 5 years. Being a Medical personnel and Public Health specialist, I want to help you in proper selection of your diet and weight loss program. I only review or refer people to products I know that work, products that are backed up by happy customers and great results.


  1. Jessy
    February 4, 2014, 12:28 PM

    After being in the Fitness industry for over 14 years, and helping over 100 people with personal coaching to reach their goals, I must admit, that this is one of the best programs, I have ever discovered.
    Many of my clients has tried online programs before, and that is the reason why I also keep an eye on the new stuff around here, just to be able to guide them to the right decision.

    When I am in a hurry, I often resell this program to my clients (With a little profit of course).

    I think everyone should know the opportunities of this program, so that we can kill all the hype there is.

    Highly recommended!

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  2. Christopher jensen
    February 4, 2014, 12:50 PM

    This program is really blowing my mind. I started with it in January (This year – 2014), and I have already lost 44 pounds! This took me to a whole other perspective of weight loss. It hasn’t been hard at all, it has been fun and energetic. If you haven’t lost weight before and are struggling to find a way, then this program is probably for you as well!

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  3. James
    February 4, 2014, 1:06 PM

    Quite amazing program acqually.. I wasn’t obese but overweight and now my abs are slowly but surely starting to show!

    Very satisfied…

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